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                    Plastic Extrusion Machine

                    Der-Hsin provides plastic machines(service including: PVC extrusion machine、 Die cutting extrusion、 Two station recycling extrusion …,If you need second hand plastic machine we have, please contact us


                    Plastic Injection Molding Machine

                    Der-Hsin is a professional plastic machine dealer. We provide the new plastic machine or second hand plastic machine you want, such as plastic extrusion machine, used extrusion machine , used injection machine ...If you have any problem, please contact us


                    Plastic Blow Molding Machine
                    We provide any Plastic Blow Molding Machine, such as Injection blow molding machine 、TPH410 55mm-2、KAI MEI 40mm air press type…The vast variety of machine capabilities assures that your requirements will be met.

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